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    Posted on April 11, 2012 by in Chula Vista Pet Care, Chula Vista Veterinarian

    Arthritis is a common joint problem in pets. Signs include stiffness in the limbs, slower ability to rise up from the floor, problems settling down to the floor, limping and an inability to climb steps or jump up. Some pets have short choppy steps especially cats with arthritis. Some dogs cannot walk very far when they suffer form arthritis and are reluctant to exercise.

    Arthritis is a painful condition. Understand most pets will never cry or vocalize their pain. Pets demonstrate their discomfort by losing function and displaying some of the signs listed above.

    Glucosamine is a popular joint relief pill used to manage arthritis and is a typical first line treatment. Glucosamine is a complex chemical aggregrate of proteins and large sugars. This group of substances makes up the components in joint cartilage and joint fluid. Treating arthritic and injuried joints with glucosamine is based on the concept that it will reduce pain and inflammation by promoting healthy cartilage and joint fluid. Often we combine glucosamine with stronger medication depending on the patients needs. Glucosamine is not a drug, it is nutritional supplement. As such there is no FDA approval process regulating these products.

    There is no standard quality level for glucosamine and most products have not been tested for effectiveness. Different brands of glucosamine are not equal in potency. At Rolling Hills Pet Hospital we carry high quality glucosamine products formulated for dogs and cats. Our products have been tested for effectiveness.

    For arthritis treatment Rolling Hills offers nutritional supplements, prescription diets, and medications both oral and injectable. Please call if you have any questions on treatment for your pet.

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