We have been notified of several coyote encounters in the Eastlake area. It seems the sightings have increased dramatically over the last few years, whether that is due to more coyotes or their ability to adapt to their surrounding we do not know.

Here is what you do need to know about protecting your animals from these predators. We recommend all cats stay indoors. Do not let your small dogs out in the yard unsupervised, we have had 2 cases of coyotes jumping into a backyard and taking small dogs during the day. Don’t leave dog or cat food outside, this attracts them and they are opportunistic predators. Be vigilant when walking your pets especially in the early morning or late afternoon hours, consider carrying a walking stick or pepper spray. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors in your area. If there is less food for them they are less likely to roam into your neighborhood.

Here is a link to a recent news story from FOX 5 Coyote kills family pets in South Bay.