Brushing your pet’s teeth (just like your own) is the single most important action you can perform to prevent dental disorders, which is the most common health problem in pets.

Here is how to brush your pet’s teeth:

1. Most pets will allow tooth brushing straight-away. If the toothbrush overly tickles your pet or they resent handling of their mouths, hold off on the brush and start with daily touching of their mouth followed by a treat and vocal praise (“goooood dog”) when they allow this action. You are training them to accept brushing.
2. When they allow mouth handling with your fingers then place the toothbrush with pet toothpaste on their teeth and start brushing. Be patient, they will grow accustomed to it and almost all pets readily accept tooth brushing.

3. It is easier to brush teeth when the pet’s mouth is closed and you can brush upper and lower teeth at the same time. Most pets will keep their mouths closed, or you can gently restrain them by placing the fingers of one hand around the muzzle.

4. Brush the teeth as three regions- right side from last back tooth to the canine tooth, between the canine teeth, and left side from the last back tooth to the canine tooth.

5. Majority of tartar accumulates on the outside of pet’s teeth and it is here you concentrate your brushing.


  • Place your pet dental care products out in the open so you see them and are reminded to use them.
  • Brushing every night is ideal. Every other night (Monday, Wednesday,Friday) brushing will go a long way to prevent dental disorders.
  • Use oral dental gel (“like pet Listerine”) on the nights you don’t brush.
  • Any questions or problems? Call us!

Any questions or problems? Call us!

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