• Proheart 6 Parasite Protection

    Posted on May 24, 2012 by in Chula Vista Pet Care, Chula Vista Veterinarian

    Rolling Hills Pet Hospital is constantly striving to improve your pet’s health. Pet owners and their pets should be excited when they learn about a medicine that provides six months of 24/7 protection against parasites with no monthly pills or external drops. Every week at Rolling Hills Pet Hospital we diagnose pets with internal parasites. Many pets are diagnosed on routine lab screening and the owners were not suspicous of any internal problems. Some of these parasitic infections are zoonotic and family members can become infected. Proheart 6 is a long lasting medication that is administered just like a simple vaccination. Proheart 6 is safe, effective, and the most convenient parasite protection available. Proheart 6 is economical and the monthly cost is less than heartworm pills. All it takes is a 15 minute appointment and a single injection and your pet will be protected against heartworms and intestinal parasites for six months. No more worrying about giving pills. No more running out of medicine. Proheart 6 does all the work for you and your pet for six months. After your pet receives Proheart 6 we will automatically remind you in six months when it is time for the next dose. It is that easy. Safe, effective, convenient- that’s Proheart 6. Call Rolling Hills Pet Hospital at 656-6400 to protect your pet with Proheart 6.

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