• Rolling Hills Pet Hospital Going Green! Chula Vista’s Best Pet Care

    Posted on February 15, 2012 by in Chula Vista Pet Care, Chula Vista Veterinarian

    When Rolling Hills Pet Hospital was being built in Chula Vista in 2005, one of our goals was to create a green facility. Our veterinary hospital incorporates many environmentally friendly additions.

    Our entire hospital is flooded with natural light from solar tubes that were installed throughout the ceilings allowing us to power down the lights on sunny San Diego days. We use Energy Saver appliances to wash and dry all our doggy blankets and towels, and wash our dishes. Believe me that’s a lot of laundry generated by the hospitalized pets and with our groomers bathing over 10 pets a day!

    Our medical records are all computerized minimizing the need for paper, no more hand written charts for us. We also reuse 90% of the paper we do print for use as memo or note sheets. We recycle all paper, plastic, cans, as well as packaging from our medical supplies. To make it easy we place a recycle bin next to every trash receptacle throughout the pet hospital, grooming department, and boarding facilities. One of the unique ways we recycle water is to recapture the water runoff from our air conditioning units, then water our plants with it.

    Rolling Hills Pet Hospital wants to help our clients be green too! We provide these Rolling Hills Pet Hospital reusable tote bags to our clients FREE at their appointments. They are great for the grocery store, or to carry your pet supplies in.

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